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Hardwick Weekly Update

January 17th 2020


This week we have continued learning about the Polar regions. We have used non-fiction books     (ie  information books) to find out about seals, polar bears, penguins and Arctic foxes. We will use this knowledge when we write our own facts next week. The children have explored ice, trying to melt it and release the 'creatures' frozen inside! We have created pictures of Antarctica using a range of media and had to be patient, leaving our work to dry before continuing with a different medium the following day. Many models have been made using mobilo (some 'snow' related,some not) and the children are learning to write a label for the models they wish to keep and display. In our gym session this week the children used the mini trampoline ('trampet') for the first time and walked across the high beam, many of them showing great confidence.



Mrs Wordsmith - Word of the day

This week's words are:

  • struggle
  • solution
  • push




Number of the week - 9

We found different ways of making 9 using our fingers, numicon and dominoes.


Shape of the week - sphere

We have now started to look at 3D shapes. We found different spheres around the classroom - an inflatable globe, a marble, balls of many sizes. We used the word 'curved' to describe their surface.Can you find any spheres in your house?


We have continued to focus on numbers to 10, matching numerals and quantity.




In Phonics we have started Phase 3 'Letters and Sounds', looking at j,v,w,and x this week.

January 10th 2020

The children have returned refreshed and energised from the holidays and excited to share all their news. We have started to look at 'Cold Places' and the children have enjoyed dressing up in hats, coats and scarves and sitting in our igloo! We have looked at maps and globes to locate the coldest parts of the world and to find where we live. We found out about Barnaby Bear's journey to Antarctica, reading his diary and looking at photographs of the animals he found there. Each week a child in the class will bring home our class toy, Tigs the tiger and our class diary, in which they can write and draw about their weekend adventures with Tigs. The children enjoyed looking at some of the class diaries made by previous year groups and are looking forward to sharing their own. Other activities undertaken this week include building igloos from sugar cubes, writing in salt, making penguin collages and giving directions to help penguin find her lost penguin chick.


Thank you to everybody who undertook the holiday ' counting challenge' ; it was lovely to see so many different collections of objects and we will display these in the classroom.


Mrs Wordsmith - Word of the day

This week's words are:

  • habit
  • repeat
  • fail
  • try
  • effort




Number of the week - 8

We looked at octopus and octagon and noticed they began with oct. We found different ways of making 8 using our fingers, numicon and dominoes.


In maths we have been working with numbers up to 10.




In Phonics we have been recapping all of the sounds and tricky words learnt so far.