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Hardwick Weekly Update

November 15th 2019

This week we have been learning all about hedgehogs. We have written our own hedgehog facts, using our phonics, made spiky hedgehogs using dried leaves and playdough hedgehogs, adding matchsticks as prickles. In maths we have been comparing the size of things. We have stood 'back to back' and talked about who is taller /shorter  and compared conkers and pine cones putting them in order of size. Finally we used cubes to measure hedgehogs and sequenced them from shortest to longest. Some of the children have really enjoyed measuring with cubes, finding items around the class to measure independently.

In PE we undertook a rota of activities to develop the skills of coordination, balance and teamwork.

Next week we will be blasting off into space!


Mrs Wordsmith - Word of the Day

This week's words are:

  • make
  • invent
  • design
  • cook
  • concoct


Sounds and Tricky words

In phonics  this week we have introduced

  • ck
  • e
  • u
  • r

Remember 'ck' together only makes the sound 'c'.


Our focus words:

  • to
  • the


Number and shape of the week

Number of the week: 0

Ask your child to tell you about 'Superhero Zero'.


Shape of the week:  rectangle

We talked about the sides of a rectangle, drawing them in the air - 'long, short, long, short.'


Maths Workshop

A reminder of our 'Maths workshop' for parents on Wednesday 27th November at 9.15am.

Remember to return the reply slip so we have an idea of numbers. We hope you can join us!

8th November 2019

This week much of our learning has focused around Bonfire Night! We have found out about Guy Fawkes and why we celebrate November 5th each year, and talked about firework safety. We have made bonfire collages, and used pastels to create our own firework pictures. We have created firework patterns with beads as part of our 'finger gym' activity and added the correct number of stars to our 'firework maths'. 

In PE we have listened to Autumn music and moved as if we were Autumn leaves and fireworks.

We have continued to read  about the adventures of Percy the Park Keeper, using our 'story spoons' to help us identify the different characters and retell the stories. We have started to look at wordless books and learn the skills of early reading. We have continued our work on shape, investigating which shapes we could make with lollypop sticks!


Mrs Wordsmith - Word of the Day

This week's words are:

  • discover
  • build
  • fix
  • adjust


Sounds and Tricky words

In phonics we have recapped all the sounds we have learnt so far:

  • Set 1 - s  a  t  p
  • Set 2 - i  n  m  d
  • Set 3 - g  o  c  k

Please do spend some time going over these with your child. 


Our focus words:

  • no
  • go 

We have talked about learning to recognise these by sight as they do not 'sound out'.


Number and shape of the week

Number of the week: 2

We talked about twins, pairs ( of socks, gloves, shoes) and doubles ( the same number again). On our bodies we found those we have two of eg hands, eyes, shoulders, elbows ...


Shape of the week:  square

Where can you spot 'squares'?

Ist November 2019

Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed the half-term break.

This week we launched our Autumn topic. We went on a walk around the school grounds to spot signs of Autumn and collected a range of different coloured, shaped and sized leaves. We have been reading stories about Percy the Park Keeper by Nick Butterworth and have enjoyed spending time in our roleplay area which has been turned into Percy's shed. We have been using our phonics to write lists of things that Percy needs to pack into his bag to help the animals rebuild their homes 'After the Storm'. In Maths we have been thinking about 2D shapes, focusing in particular on circles. Our Autumn topic will continue next week. We will be learning about Guy Fawkes and firework safety as well as exploring the world of hedgehogs.


Mrs Wordsmith  - Word of the Day

In Reception we are learning a new word every day to deepen our vocabulary and extend our language.The more children experience and hear these words the more confident they become at using them in their daily lives.  Please try to reinforce these at home.

The words we have learnt so far this week:

  • write
  • paint
  • draw
  • sculpt


Sounds and Tricky Words

In phonics this week our new phonemes have been

  • g
  • o
  • c
  • k


Our focus words

  • I
  • a
  • and


Number and shape of the week


Each week we choose a particular number as our focus. Look out for these numbers in the environment and talk about their meaning eg a number on a birthday cake tells us how old someone is, a number on a bus tells us where the bus is going, a number on a door helps us know where someone lives etc.


Number of the week: 1


Shape of the week: Circle


Go on a shape hunt. Where can you find circles in your house?