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Friday 25th September


Our classroom has been busier (and a little noisier!) this week as we have welcomed all the children into school. They have been excited to meet up and we have been getting to know each other. I wonder if your child can remember who has a dog called Molly? Thank you to those of you who have sent in or emailed a family photograph, the children have enjoyed sharing these.


We have eaten lunch in the classroom and the children have been very independent, opening their own packets and tubs and even showing us how they can peel their own satsumas! Wow! It has been helpful to know the preferences of those children having a school lunch so please do continue to indicate their choices via the yellow 'Reading Record' book, until we get to know their tastes a little better. Next week we will be following week 2 of the school lunch menu.


As part of Phase 1 Phonics, we have played lots of listening games. We have listened to the sounds of everyday objects ( such as keys, crisp packets etc) and tried to identify them, linked noises to the animal that makes them (and tried to make these noises ourselves!) and played different instruments, identifying the sound and 'matching' with our partner. We will continue with similar games next week. What sounds can you hear inside your house or outside in your garden?


Our number of the week has been four as most of us are still 4 years old. We have counted groups of 4, found ways to make 4 on our fingers and talked about where we might see number 4 and what it means, eg 4 on the bus that goes to Cambourne, 4 on a birthday card tells us how old someone is.


Next week (Monday 28th onwards) the children are in full time, from 8.45am until 3.15pm. Drop off and collection will be in the playground, by the classroom door. We will start PE, so please remember to send your child in their PE clothes ( joggers / leggings / tee shirt / sweatshirt or hoodie / trainers or similar) which they will wear all day as we will not change in school. Do ensure they have several 'layers' of clothing as PE will be outside and we want to ensure that they are warm enough! We spend a lot of time outside and our doors are often open so please ensure your child comes to school with a coat, now the weather is becoming distinctly colder!


Many thanks for your continued support.


Enjoy the weekend and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday, at 8.45am.


The Reception Team