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Half Term Holiday

Happy Holiday!

During the half term break we would like you all to have a well-earned rest. However just in case you get bored, here are some things you could try.

Big birthday wishes to:


Ms Garland on 25th May

Kyan B on 26th May

Louie W on 27th May

Logan S on 28th May


We hope you all have a lovely day.

Happy Birthday

Creative Coding

You could animate a story using Scratch. Scratch is free to download here is the link:

If you work through the PowerPoint and activity sheet, it will get you started.


Challenge - can you create an animation of one of the fairy tales that you read last week?

Other coding suggestions:

Haiku Poetry

Why not have a go at creating a Lockdown Haiku poem of your own. Follow the PowerPoint first then use the writing frame to help you.