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Half-Term Art

This page is currently being updated ready for half-term. 

Half-Term Art

It's half-term and time for a well deserved rest after all that hard work!

Here you can find lots of arty, fun things to do if you are feeling creative and you have some time to spare. So scroll down and check out the different activities. 

Scrap Colouring

This piece of artwork was created using a website called Scrapcolouring. Colouring can be a very effective way of relaxing over the half-term break. This website allows you to digitally colour a variety of pictures thinking about the foreground (the area closest to the viewer) and the background (the area furthest from the viewer). Open the PDF document to find out the website and how to use it. 


Bomomo Abstract Art

Why not have some fun making some digital abstract art. This piece was made using a website called Bomomo.  Abstract  art is a form of modern art which does not represent images in our every day world. It has colour, lines and shapes (form) but it is not suppose to represent objects or living things. Click on the PDF to find out more. 



Become a mathematical artist by making  Spirolaterals. You will need to use your times-tables to create these beautiful geometric patterns.  Spirolaterals are spiraled, structured designs based on a repeated series of commands using length and angle. You can make these patterns using any times-table and each times-table will look different. Warning, it can be tricky so start with a times-table that you find easy. 



Origami is the art of paper folding, which is often associated with Japanese culture. By folding the paper in different ways, you can create a range of shapes. Follow the instructions carefully and don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time. It takes practice! You will need paper that is cut into an even square. Download the PDF to find instructions on how to make a bird, dog and more. 


Big Mouth Drawings

Big mouths is a fun way of creating original, funny drawings using folding and ruler skills. You can copy one of the examples or use your own ideas. This method is perfect for making funny or scary monsters. Download the PDF and follow the instructions to create your master piece.