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Our Home-School Gallery is now up and running and waiting for your lovely home learning! If you do a project you are especially proud of and you are happy for us to put it on our website, please follow the instructions below.

  • Take a photograph of your project that you are happy for us to put on the website and write a couple of short sentences describing what you have learned. 
  • Email your project to the school office with the subject line FAO Miss G Year 1/2 Website Gallery.
  • We will post as many as we can onto the school website to help you inspire the other year 1/2 children. 

(Please note we can not guarantee to post everything we receive, especially if we receive a particularly large number of projects, but we will do our best and look forward to seeing what you have all been up to). 


Non-chronological reports on habitats

The Friendship Journey - a story written by Sophie Y2


Home learning

Lego Creations!

Home learning montage

After researching a Mexican scientist for his dressing up fun, James found out information about Mario Molina, a Noble Prize winner scientist who discovered the link between harmful substances and the damage in the ozone layer. He took his chances and sent Mario an email with photos of his dressing up attached. And Mario replied! How exciting it is to get a message from a Nobel Prize winning scientist!

Mario Molina's email

Busy bee

Healthy snack

Lockdown creativity

All sorts of fun!

Home learning

Big Garden Bird Watch

Volcano experiment

Looking after a hamster