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Friday 24th April

Good Morning Year 3/4


Today is the start of Ramadan.


The start date of Ramadan is different every year depending on the position of the moon. Once Ramadan begins, Muslims should not eat or drink between sunrise and sunset. This usually continues for thirty days. Fasting teaches Muslims about patience, obedience and is a time for them to think about how the poor and homeless suffer without lots of food. 


Some of our families will be starting Ramadan today. They will begin fasting but also will be trying to do more good deeds. What bad habits could you give up? What good deeds could you do?


After you have finished your daily activities, perhaps you could draw a picture and write about your habits and deeds. There is a template below or you could make up your own.


Here is today's picture to ask your grown ups about. 



What was this used for?

What was inside?

What do we do nowadays instead?


Here are your daily maths and English tasks - remember to do your best and DON'T worry is you find things tricky - just have a go!

When you're finished head over to Story Time to listen to some relaxing stories.

Time to celebrate because you did it! One full week of work done after the Easter holidays and time for the weekend! I hope you feel like you have worked hard and deserve a weekend of rest. If you need ideas on what to do take a look at our year group page. Have a lovely weekend everyone and check in on Monday for another exciting week of learning!

Bye for now ...

The Y3/4 teachers