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Friday 22nd May

It's Friyay!!

Well done everyone, you've made it to the last day before half term. Have fun with your learning today! When we come back after half term we will continue our Fairy tales theme and focus more on writing. Continue to read, listen to and watch as many fairy tales, traditional tales and any re-tellings or reinventions as you can. Perhaps you could make up your own fairy tale from scratch...

Happy Birthday on Sunday 24th May to Jack Noonan and Ryan Chindu. Here is a birthday song for you!

Happy Birthday.mp3


Why not try out this Little Red Riding Hood play script with your family or write your own..

Try making these A4 mini-books! 

Could you make them into fairytale versions?

Happy News!

Year 5&6 Maths Starter - you could try a different number in the hedgehog if this one is too tricky.

Solution to yesterday's starter


Year 5&6 'I See Maths' reasoning - watch the video and try the task

Year 5 Daily Maths Task

Please go through the 'Pizza Angles' PowerPoint and then complete the main activity. Once you have finished why not have a go at creating your own pizza, using a sandwich wrap for your lunch or a snack. Here are some simple 'wrap' pizza making instructions below, for you to have a go:

  1. Get a sandwich wrap and spread an even layer of tomato puree.
  2. Then add your favourite toppings with plenty of cheese.
  3. Pop it under the grill, please be careful as it is very hot.
  4. Once the cheese has melted and the edges of your pizza are crisp, carefully take your pizza out and enjoy! cheeky 

Year 6 Daily Maths Task

This week we are revising fractions. Please find Summer Term Week 3, Lesson 4 - Mixed addition and subtraction on the link below. Watch the video and then choose some of the questions to answer from the sheet.

Well done everyone - we've made it to half term. Be proud of your hard work and don't worry about anything that didn't go so well. Enjoy your week off together

and let's hope it's sunny!