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Watch War Game, by Michel Foreman (c. 30 minutes) to help get a feel for this period in history and how WW1 affected soldiers and their families.


If you could interview a soldier from WW1, what would you ask him? 

How do you think the soldiers felt about the Great War before they signed up to fight?

Did their feelings change do you think once they arrived in Belgium and began fighting? 


Abstract nouns are not actual objects. They describe an emotion, a quality, a feeling, or an idea e.g. anger, life, death, love, imagination, charity, democracy. 


What abstract nouns do you think could be used to describe WW1?  e.g. hatred, fear, courage.

Make a list of your own.


Remember you need to have learnt Monday's poem choice off by heart by today, so you are able to share your recital either when you return to school or via a sound recording.