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Fri 26th June


We hope you have enjoyed week 1 of Nature week.

Happy Birthday today to Liam Penney and Mrs Samuels!

Here is a birthday song for you!

Happy Birthday!

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Follow the link to the Young People’s Trust for the Environment website where there are lots of ideas of fun activities for you to have a good look at.



If you haven't already seen these science experiments from half term week, follow the link and have a go.

Enjoy listening to this story - The Forest Spirit

Year 5/6 Maths

Well done Ayaan for sending in your solution

Year 6 Maths 

Year 6 Daily Activities 

Today go back to your CGP books and have a go at  the following pages

55 - 56  Units and Conversions

57, 58, 59  Time and Money problems 

EXTENSION - it would be good to consolidate your use of a protractor ..

                        practise drawing three different triangles then estimate the angles

                        check your estimates my measuring with a protractor  ..

                        How close were your estimates? 

                        Now try using your protractor to draw an equilateral and an isosceles triangle

                        Remember the properties of each type of triangle 

                        Now try drawing a scalene triangle with an obtuse angle of 110 degrees 




Don't forget to use your Activity Book to revise your Spanish vocabulary 

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