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Fine Motor Skills

These fine motor activities, sometimes known as 'finger gym' will help you child develop the muscles in their fingers. Try and do something like this every day! You will find loads of ideas on websites such as Pinterest.

Search: EYFS fine motor activities or EYFS finger gym. 


  • Painting with cotton buds
  • Playing with playdough
  • Lacing activites 
  • Tracing lines using buttons, beads or gems 
  • Helping to peg out the washing, or putting pegs on boxes
  • Screwing nuts and bolts together 
  • Cutting up straws to thread onto a string necklace 
  • Making jewellery with beads 
  • Playing with lego 
  • Cut small squares to make into a mosaic 
  • Playing with sand 
  • Thread raw spaghetti through the holes of an upside down colander
  • Thread cheerios or beads onto sticks of raw spaghetti
  • Hama bead art