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Farm Challenge

Jakub has been making different pens for the farm animals and has even added some safari animals to his farm.

Scarlett made a cheerio bird feeder and a farm. Your farm looks great Scarlett! I hope you had lots of fun playing with it. I am sure the birds will like your feeder.

Isla made some lovely lollipop scarecrows. This is such a good idea Isla. Well done!

Grace set up a shop and pretended to sell items to her mummy and brother William.

Yuvan's mummy said he had lots of fun making and eating the scarecrow cookies. They look very tasty Yuvan! I am glad you enjoyed this activity.

Grace's mummy said that she enjoyed the corn on the cob challenge so much that she also wanted to make a pineapple. She added some glitter as well. They are both amazing! Well done Grace!

I hope you enjoyed the story Henry. Your scarecrow cakes look yummy! I like the way you have made the two main characters from the story. I bet the birds will enjoy your Cheerio feeder. You are showing great concentration. It was a good idea to make your name out of Cheerios as well.

They look yummy scarecrow biscuits Isla! I like the use of lego for the animal pens. It looks like there is some good counting going on. Well done!

Very careful colouring in Aadya, well done! That is a great looking corn on the cob!