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Expressive Arts & Design

Here are some suggested activities which will help your child find their creative side!


  • Colour mixing
  • Finger painting 
  • Painting on different types of paper. Try painting on kitchen foil for something different!
  • Print a handprint and turn it into a flower or an Easter bunny. You could turn this into a Mother's Day or  Easter card!
  • Instead of a paintbrush, you could use natural materials (feathers, carrots, sticks, bits of a bush, fir tree etc)
  • Potato or sponge printing
  • Junk Modelling using recylced materials around the home
  • Make you own playdough - you can find plenty of recipes online
  • Role play
  • Dressing up
  • Playing with small world toys, dolls houses, babies, dinosaurs, firemen etc
  • Singing nursery rhymes
  • Boogie beebies
  • Playing with instruments
  • Dancing to music with scarves, pom poms etc.