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English Tasks

Good Morning Year Three and Four!

Welcome back to another week of English learning. This week our theme is CARNIVAL

We have created lots of exciting tasks all based on the carnival theme. However, this week you have more choice! Take a look at all the activities for the week and do them in any order you want. You might want to spend lots of time on one or two tasks or you may wish to do them all. It is completely up to you! 


Take a look at the rest of the weeks tasks and have fun! 

Walking Through The Carnival 


Today's task is all about the atmosphere at a carnival. Learn about the different sights and sounds at carnivals around the world by watching video clips of carnivals in Venice and Rio. In this task you will learn about famous paintings that show different carnival celebrations and the characters they show. 


Choose a character from the paintings and step into their shoes as you walk through the carnival painting. It is your job to write descriptively to create the atmosphere at the carnival. Are you up to the challenge?