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English Tasks

Good Morning Year Three and Four!

Welcome back to another week of English learning. This week our theme is CARNIVAL

We have created lots of exciting tasks all based on the carnival theme. However, this week you have more choice! Take a look at all the activities for the week and do them in any order you want. You might want to spend lots of time on one or two tasks or you may wish to do them all. It is completely up to you! 


Take a look at the rest of the weeks tasks and have fun! 



Today's task is all about carnival masks. In this task you will learn about masks and how they are used to all over the world to celebrate carnivals. You will look at lots of different masks before designing your very own! It is your job to write detailed instructions on how to make your mask. 


You could then give your instructions to a friend or family member to see if they can make your mask. 


Open the PDF file to get started!