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Egyptians Autumn 2

This half term our theme is the Ancient Egyptians.    We have made a great start to the half term with our immersion days where we have carried out some research, written questions we want to find the answers to,  created square-based pyramids made from paper straws, made clay sarcophagi and, having learned a little about mummifying, mummified some tomatoes!   

We have a great deal still to look forward to this half term.  In English we will be working on writing instructions and diaries whilst in maths we are converting measures and focusing on division and multiplication.  In science the learning is all about light, shadow and reflection and in art, we are going to be learning how to draw portraits. PSHE will focus on anti-bullying and managing our emotions whilst PE will cover tag rugby and, in gymnastics, sequencing, balancing and partner work.  In RE we will be learning about creation stories.  To enhance our history learning, we have a team from the company, ‘History off the Page’ coming in to lead a day where we will be in role as Ancient Egyptians, which will be very exciting, we’re sure!    What a super half term we have ahead of us!