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Easter Hols

Happy Friday everyone! We hope you have been enjoying the final days of the Easter Holidays.


One person who certainly has been enjoying himself is Salahuddin, who has been busy at home doing all sorts of activities including baking pancakes, learning to count to 100 (Wow Salahuddin, that's amazing!), and as you can see in the photographs below, making volcanoes with his brother!


Salahuddin told me that sadly, two of the dinosaurs were caught by the lava, but thankfully all the other dinosaurs survived :-) How many dinosaurs was that? What a fun project, Salahuddin! 


Next week we are 'back to school', so do check the Home Learning star on Monday for lots of new updates, challenges and videos...


Best Wishes, The Reception Team

Happy Easter Everyone! We hope everyone is able to enjoy themselves at home and keeping safe in these extraordinary times that we find ourselves in.

Firstly, we'd like to wish a Happy Birthday to Layla in Miss Jones' class,

who is 5 today. We hope you have a great day Layla! We'd also like to wish a belated HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY! to the following children, who have all had a recent birthday:


Adele (Mr Tod's class) - 24th March

Jazmin (Mr Tod's class) - 28th March

Edie (Mrs Rand's class) - 6th April


We really hope you were all able to have a special day, whilst celebrating at home :-)


Finally, just a couple of updates to share from responses we received last week:


Well done to Adele, who made an Easter egg basket using paper. She coloured it, cut it out and glued it together, all by herself. Doesn't it look beautiful! Adele - I hope you were able to fill your basket with some eggs that appeared in your house or garden over the Easter weekend?! Can you write a sentence about it in your home learning diary?



Also, well done to Elliot, who has been hard at work in the garden with his brother, Alexander, planting wild flower seeds and vegetables! Elliot, can you write a list of instructions on how to plant the seeds? What types of vegetables will you be growing?


Do keep emailing us with any examples of your child's Easter-themed learning and please send it to one of the following addresses:





Best Wishes,

The Reception Team


​​​​​​Here are a few ideas of activities you can do with your family over the Easter holidays. Keep using your learning pack too and continue to show us what you have been up to; we love seeing photos of your incredible learning!

Stay safe and enjoy fun times with your family.

Happy Easter!

The Reception Team

How to make an Easter egg hunt

On the Easter egg trail!

The Egg-Box Challenge

You will need an egg and an egg box.

How many ways can you place the egg in the egg box?

What if you used 2 eggs?

Can you find a way to show your answers? Maybe you could draw the different ways or take photographs.

Good luck!

Decorate an egg!

Take a hard-boiled egg and decorate it in anyway you like. You could

  • use felt tips and add a design
  • paint it and add features to make a rabbit, chick or another animal
  • turn it into a character, such as a superhero, Minion or a Little Miss/ Little Men 
  • cover it in tissue paper and roll it in glitter

Look at the photos below to get you started; there is lots of inspiration online too!