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Hello Year 3/4!


This week we are wishing a Happy Birthday to Lara on Monday and Henry on Thursday. Hope you both have a great day!



Other things to celebrate this week include National Unicorn Day on Thursday 9th April. Unicorns have been popular mythical creatures since ancient times in Greece, and they are also the national animal of Scotland. Perhaps you could invent your own mythical creature this week?


This Friday is known as Good Friday to Christians, who believe that Good Friday is the day Jesus was arrested and crucified on a wooden cross. This is why the cross is an important symbol in Christianity. They believe that on the Sunday Jesus rose from the dead, which is why they celebrate Easter! 



If you're feeling creative this Easter you could also have a go at the Spring Poetry Challenge organised by Miss Miles. We love reading your writing and can't wait to see what you come up with! Find out more over on the English page:


We hope that you all have a wonderful Easter with your families. Hopefully there will be nice weather so you can get outside to go for a walk in the local area or play in the garden (especially if eating Easter chocolate has given you lots of energy). Have a great week!

The Y3/4 teachers