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Yuvan enjoyed trying to smash the ice with a hammer and throwing the ice eggs on the floor. He kept wanting to repeat the activity.

Yuvan wanted to search for water dinosaurs and used the submarine to help . I hope you found some Yuvan!

Grace wanted to write a postcard to Caroline, one of the adults who works in nursery, to tell her she missed her. Great writing Grace! You have shown fab control!

Isla has been busy the last few weeks. She has made a fab looking dinosaur, created a Nemo and Dory picture using her hands, helped the dinosaurs escape by breaking the ice with a hard rock, made an underwater scene using a box and carefully coloured a dinosaur. Well done Isla!

Isla went on a scavenger hunt with her brother and made some fab looking dinosaur feet!

Scarlett has been digging for dinosaur fossils.

Maia has been busy making a cardboard dinosaur and writing a name for her dinosaur. Great writing Maia!

Henry has had a fantastic day! I love the ice challenge pictures Henry! That must have been a great thing to do on a hot day like today! Your fruity dinosaur looks delicious and healthy too! Well done, great job.

Henry made a fantastic cardboard dinosaur. It looks like a lovely, friendly dinosaur! Well done for writing your name Henry. He also went fossil hunting and played board games with his sister. This will help with turn taking and counting. Great work Henry!

Ned made this amazing dinosaur using junk modelling. He painted it very carefully. It looks like a herbivore dinosaur with that long neck. It will help it reach the leaves in the tree to eat. Well done Ned!

Grace decorated a Nemo fish and created an underwater scene. That is an amazing underwater scene Grace! I am sure Nemo will be very happy living there!

Aadya carefully coloured in a very sweet looking dinosaur. Well done Aadya, you are holding the pencil using the correct grip and showing great control!