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Dear Zoo Theme 9th-13th November

This week we are continuing to learn about wild animals.  We will be reading the book 'Dear Zoo' and lots of our work will be based on this. Below, you can find some ideas of things you can try at home if your child is not in Nursery this week. As always we would be glad to receive any pictures to see what you have been doing at home.  These can come to or

Please remember to tell us if you do not want these photographs to be shared on the website. 

Dear Zoo Bedtime story with Justin

Here is a nice version of 'Dear Zoo' being retold by Justin Fletcher, featuring a range of Makaton signs throughout. We will be listening to this in Nursery and trying to join in with the signs. If you would prefer to look for a different version, there are other versions of the story available on You Tube.

We played a game in Nursery on Friday (see link below), and the children loved it! We pretended to use our binoculars each time to look for clues and try to guess what the animals were. If your child has taken their binoculars home, maybe they could put them on! We will be revisiting this again and playing some more this week! Please note, for best results you will need to choose the download option.

We are doing some painting this week! The children will be looking closely at the shapes and lines in a photo of an animal, and will try to recreate the image in paint! At home, you could find a picture of an animal in a book or online, and either draw or paint it. Pencils and crayons or felt tips would work well too.

Playdough is a favourite in Nursery and it features in our creative area every week! Why not have a go at making your own? This recipe is super easy and uses ingredients most people have at home.

Playdough snakes are great fun to make! Can you find anything around the house to use to make a pattern on your snake? Buttons, lentils, grains of rice, beads -they would all work well!

This week, our shape of the week is a diamond! Do you have any diamond shaped things at home? Go on a hunt around the house and see what you can find!