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Our topic this half term is 'Romans'. If you are at home self-isolating or in quarantine, and your child is well enough, here are some curriculum ideas linked to the learning that we are doing at school. Do share any home learning with us by emailing it to us via the school office. Thank you for your ongoing support. 



We are learning about Animals including humans this half term, focusing on diet, nutrition and the main food groups, before moving on to skeletons, muscles and joints.  

Look at this link from Oak Academy, and follow lessons 1 to 3 only.  (We do teeth in the next cycle)



We are learning all about our rights and responsibilities.

Watch this film to start thinking about your own responsibilities:

You can find out about children’s rights and the UN convention here:

You can read the Rights of the Child (in child-friendly language) here:

Complete the attached worksheets, using the information above to help you.



We are learning tennis skills.

Here is a link to support racquet skills:

Here is a link to support a range of multi skills (control and balance):



Why not practice singing the song 'Just like a Roman'.  Put actions to it.  What new facts have your learned about the Romans?


Why not practise the days of the week, the months of the year and counting in Spanish?

Days of the week:

Months of the year:

Counting to 30:




smileyOther subjects coming soon...