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Challenges for the week

Hello and welcome to the Summer term, week 2, of home learning. This week we would like to introduce you to Food in your Fridge’ week. It’s time to be food detectives and to go and have a look in your fridge to find out what is inside. Is your fridge full of food, or is it nearly empty I wonder? What is the temperature in your fridge? Can you read the number on the setting? I wonder why fridges are always cold? Can your child talk about this? You might also like to have a look in your freezer to compare and ask which is colder and what happens to food in the freezer.


Watch Mrs Kemp’s video to find out what your Writing challenge is this week. We can’t wait to read about what items you discover in your fridge and to find out more about these items, like where they come from or how they grow. When writing use your phonics sound mats to really listen for the sounds. Underline your digraphs if this helps you to hear and write them.



Today the Government have launched a new YouTube channel which will provide daily phonics lessons for Reception and Key Stage 1. There will be a new 20 minute lesson uploaded to the You Tube channel every day at 10am for Reception. This is the lesson that we recommend all children watch daily.  Having just watched the first lesson this morning on the ‘ai’ sound we can report that we highly recommend these lessons. It is in line with what your child has been learning and will serve as an excellent revision tool, as well as an opportunity to further embed their skills.  The format of these lessons reflects the same structure and processes that we have been teaching in school, so will feel familiar to your child.

Each daily lesson has a revision of sounds section, followed by a daily focus sound. There is also a ‘tricky word’ section and an opportunity to write, so have your homework book or a piece of paper and pencil at the ready.

This daily phonics lesson will be very useful for the majority of our reception children. There is also a daily lesson available called, ‘learning to blend’, for those children that need some additional support with their blending and segmenting. If you are planning to watch both lessons please break the lessons up throughout the day so that children work for no longer than 20 minutes at a time.


Please keep clicking on our ‘phonics’ and ‘handwriting’ stars. The videos are designed to be used daily just as we would be at school. Maybe pick one phonics/tricky words video to watch and work on each day and one handwriting letter family to practice. “A little every day goes a long way”! It has been wonderful to see so many of you practising your hand writing over the last week so keep up the good work.


Mrs Kemp is challenging you to sort your foods into groups. Check out the various ways she chooses to do it and remember there is no wrong or right way, as long as you can reason, and talk about why you have chosen to do it that way. I wonder what ways you will find to sort and group the food you have in your houses.


Mrs Rand has a great ‘sizzling sausage subtraction’ maths challenge for you this week, involving Play-Doh. Watch her video and then have a go at subtracting items from your own group of objects. How many items will you have to start with? How many will you take away? Do take photos of your learning and send them into us!


Mrs Berrio’s weekly art challenge is also based on ‘Food in your Fridge’. Watch her video for further instructions. We look forward to seeing your vegetable creations this week and possibly even some vegetable printing. Maybe you will come up with your own vegetable themed art? Remember these are suggestions so if you have your own ideas or wish to adapt we welcome individuality and creativity!


Please keep visiting ‘Oxford Owl’ for your weekly reading books. We recommend reading at least one book a week and revisiting that book over the week just as you were all doing when you had your physical reading book every week when we were still at school. Please keep writing in child’s reading records every time you do some reading.


Also a reminder that at 6pm every night a staff member reads a bedtime story. Tonight, our very own

Mrs Berrio is reading the story, but with a twist... she will be reading Cinderella with the help of her

daughter, Daniella, in  both Spanish and English J You can view it on Mrs Emery's YouTube channel:  from 6pm tonight...

Sharing stories and reading to your child is important and what better time to do this than now!

If you have a garden, and the weather has been lovely, why not find 5 minutes and grab a story outside. 


A PE challenge from Miss Jones this week encompasses throwing and counting! Remember practice makes us better and if you fail just start again, like she does in the video! We would also like you to practice throwing and catching this week. It is great for developing co-ordination and gross motor skills. How many can you get up to without dropping the ball? If you don’t have a ball why not use a loo roll?  


We are loving seeing what you are up to and all your wonderful home learning so please keep sending it in so we can celebrate and share it.From this week we will have 2 yellow star icons to click on each week. One with all the information/instructions/challenges and videos from us, and a second one which will display all the children’s learning and photos. We hope this just makes it all a bit clearer and easier to navigate.


Happy learning and we wish you all a delicious week exploring the ‘Food in your Fridge’. Yum!


Mrs Rand's Sizzling Sausages Maths Challenge

Mrs Berrio's Art Activity 1: Food animals

Mrs Berrio's Art Activity 2: Fruit and Vegetable Printing

Miss Jones' PE Challenge

And finally...Mrs Berrio says thank you so much for her 50th birthday cards!