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This week, in line with the rest of the school, our focus is 'Disney' and in Reception, we have chosen the film 'Finding Nemo' and the theme of 'Under the Sea' for all our learning.

Watch the video below to find out about your first challenge, which is all about describing things. 

Why don't you play the "Guess what I am?" game with somebody at home?


As Mrs Kemp explained, your writing challenge this week is to describe a character from 'Finding Nemo' such as Nemo, Dory or Mr Ray.

If you prefer, you could describe another sea creature such as a seahorse, starfish or an octopus! Remember to use an adjective in each of your sentences - perhaps you could even underline them like Mrs Kemp did in her example.

Who will you choose to describe? We look forward to reading your interesting descriptions!


Please continue to watch the daily government You Tube phonics lessons.  The feedback from our parents that are using this has been excellent and it is engaging the children. The information and links are all in our phonics star. Please do keep clicking on our ‘phonics’ and ‘handwriting’ stars as well. Keep watching our videos of the sounds and tricky words to embed them alongside the daily phonics lessons from the government. Maybe pick one handwriting letter family daily to practice. A little every day goes a long way.


‘Finger Gym Challenges’. Remember that finger gym is important because it makes our hands and fingers strong which in turn gives us wonderful writing. You will have things at home to make your very own finger gym activities and Mrs Borbas has put together a wealth of fun ideas. Again this is great for siblings from nursery all the way through to key stage 1 so get everybody involved. Maybe pick one finger gym activity a week and have a few goes at it over the course of the week.


Please keep visiting ‘Oxford Owl’ for your weekly reading books. We recommend reading at least one book a week and revisiting that book over the week just as you were all doing when you had your physical reading book every week when we were still at school. Please keep writing in child’s reading records every time you do some reading.

This week's maths challenge is all about estimating. Watch the Power point below. The children are to guess how many clown fish they can see before counting to check. The children could write their estimates on a post it note or a whiteboard and discuss how close they were. Some useful questions to ask while undertaking the activity can be found at the beginning of the Power point. You will notice there is a choice of two power points; one is automated, the other manual. Using the 'manual' one means you can control the time allowed for each slide, meaning you can adapt it for your child. Use the return button to move the slide on.


What is estimating?

Estimating means roughly calculating or judging a number. Children begin estimating in Reception; they might be given a group of objects and asked to guess how many there are. The idea is that they use their existing knowledge to make a 'clever' or 'sensible' guess. They would then be asked to count the objects in order to check how close they were. As children become familiar with estimating, they should be able to use their previous guesses to guide them..." The last one was 10...this looks like more I think there might be 15."



Additional challenges

Here are some other ideas of things you could do at home linked to our 'Finding Nemo' / Under the Sea theme.


Using a shoe box to make an underwater scene


Creating your own 'Nemo'

We hope you enjoy these challenges and  look forward to seeing your learning. Have fun!

The Reception team