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Hello and welcome to the Summer term, week 5, of home learning. This week we are joining the rest of the school in a whole school topic of ‘Traditional Tales’. We have decided to take a ‘Story Telling’ approach to the week here in Reception inspired by our very own brilliant Mrs Borbas! 

Watch Mrs Borbas’ video to find out what your story telling challenge is this week. What story will you decide to tell I wonder? Will it be a favourite story you have at home already? Maybe you have your own made up stories you want to tell. We can’t wait to hear and see your stories. You will need to decide whether you are going to use puppets, toys or homemade characters. Watch Mrs Borbas now to find out a little more about the challenge...

Our writing challenge, as mentioned by Mrs Borbas, is to use a story board or story booklet to write about the story you chose to retell. Or, if you prefer, you could write about our featured traditional tale this week: Jack and the Beanstalk!

You can use the blank story board and booklet templates below to help you, or make use of this handy Jack and the Beanstalk storyboard. Don't forget to write in full sentences, with a capital letter at the beginning and full stop at the end of each sentence. Also, make sure you use your Phase 2 and 3 sound-mats to help you sound out each word correctly!  

Now the art challenge this week also comes from Mrs Borbas. She would like you to make a character to go with your story. You could use whatever you have at home. Paper, a wooden spoon, an old sock and turn it into a sock puppet. You could decorate rocks or stones, turning them into characters. That is just a few ideas that we thought of, but we are sure you will come up with some ideas of your own. We can’t wait to see your characters.

Last Christmas all of the teachers took to the stage to perform a pantomime. It was ‘Jack and The Beanstalk’. We have dug out some rather entertaining clips for you to watch. What do you think of the costumes? Doesn’t Mr Tod make a lovely pantomime Dame! Who do you think is dressed up as Daisy the Cow? Why don’t you have a go at acting out a story by re telling it? You can become any character you want. Have fun!

Continuing the 'Jack and the Beanstalk' theme, Mrs Berrio and her daughter, Daniela, have a brilliant PE challenge for you this week, where you can enjoy reading the Jack and the Beanstalk story and get fit recreating the story at the same time! We suggest you pause each slide in the video, to read the instructions for each set of exercises, before joining in with Daniela as you energetically recreate the story :-)  

Now are you ready for your Maths challenge? It is linked to Jack and the Beanstalk and all to do with measuring and size this week. Check out Mrs Rand’s incredible beanstalk. It is very very tall indeed!

This week we are launching ‘Finger Gym Challenges’. Remember that finger gym is important because it makes our hands and fingers strong which in turn gives us wonderful writing. You will have plenty of things at home to make your very own finger gym activities and Mrs Borbas has put together a wealth of fun ideas. Again this is great for siblings from nursery all the way through to key stage 1 so get everybody involved.

If you didn’t last week please do check out ‘The Poetry Basket’ this week, as we are delighted to be able to now share with you this excellent resource. This week is all about acting and re-telling stories and these short, catchy, active poems are a good way into this. You can now access this from home by clicking on the link below and entering the login and password. We have been using this resource at school this year and your children will be familiar with some of the poems already. Learning short rhymes and poems is great fun and a crucial part of child development.  Tricia Lee is fantastic to watch and join in with. It is aimed at 2 to 7 year olds so great for siblings as well. We do hope you explore and enjoy the wide variety of poems on offer. Maybe choose one a week to enjoy and learn. Which one will you choose this week?

Go to

And put in the following details

User name:  hardwick.cambs (all lower case)

Password: LimesRoad2020

We hope you are all now using the daily government YouTube phonics lessons. The information and links are all in our phonics star. Please do keep clicking on our ‘Phonics’ and ‘Handwriting’ stars. Keep watching our videos of the sounds and tricky words to embed them alongside the daily phonics lessons from the government. Maybe pick one handwriting letter family daily to practice. A little every day goes a long way.


Please keep visiting ‘Oxford Owl’ for your weekly reading books. We recommend reading at least one book a week and revisiting that book over the week just as you were all doing when you had your physical reading book every week when we were still at school. Please keep writing in child’s reading records every time you do some reading.


Also a reminder that at 6pm every night a staff member reads a bedtime story. Sharing stories     

and reading to your child is important and what better time to do this than now. Why not have

a ‘Traditional Tales’ focus this week and dig out all the ones you have at home. Great for siblings

of all ages. Can your child say which  is their favourite traditional tale and why? At 6pm tonight 

you can watch Mr Tod reading - you guessed it - Jack and the Beanstalk! Click on the following link

at 6pm to view the video:


Mrs Berrio re-told the story of another traditional tale - Cinderella - recently using props in both Spanish and English, you can watch this again on Mrs Emery's YouTube channel by clicking on the following weblink:


We hope you have a fun filled week full of story times and adventures and we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a lovely half term next week. Next week we will not be posting anything on the website, so please enjoy your well-deserved break! We will be back up and running on here after half term, with a second week of ‘Traditional Tales’.


FREE links to help you more easily access a range of traditional tales (Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Anderson, Oscar Wilde) and fables (Aesop) can be found in the Home Learning School Closure section of the English page where there is a Whole School Traditional Tales section. Click on the link below:


One final recommendation: for anyone who has tried 'PE with Joe' and 'Cosmic Kids Yoga', but found their child might like a new challenge, why not try out "The Little Gym UK". They helpfully list sessions by age range, so it's got content for older/younger siblings too, and any props are easy around-the-house items. Check it out on the following weblink:


We are loving seeing what you are up to and all your wonderful home learning so please keep sending it in so we can celebrate and share it.

The Reception Team