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Week Beginning 11th May: Pets Week!


People keep all sorts of pets. Can you say what all of the animals in the picture are? Pets come in all shapes and sizes. We want to find out about the pets you have at home and what pet you might like if you don’t have any. This is a good chance for us to learn a little bit more about animals and how to care for them. Pet ownership is a big responsibility and it is our job to look after them. We must make sure that they get everything they need and that they feel safe and loved.


Start by watching Mrs Jakes’ very informative video about her gorgeous guinea pigs. It is full of interesting facts. She wants to find out what pets you have at home, so this week’s writing challenge is for you to draw and label your pet. Can you write some facts about your pet? If you do not have a pet, can you say what pet you would like and tell us why?

Mrs Jakes introduces this week's topic...Pets!

Mr Tod has taken up Mrs Jakes’ writing challenge this week. Watch Mr Tod’s video for some hamster fun and ideas on what to write if you don't have a pet...

Pets Writing Challenge

Would you like find out more about Miss Jones’ cat? She has a reading challenge for you this week.  Click on the document below to view / print out: 


We are delighted to be able to now share with you an excellent resource called, ‘The Poetry Basket’. You will now be able to access this from home, by clicking on the link below and entering the login and password. We have been using this resource at school this year and your child will be familiar with some of the poems already. Learning short rhymes and poems is great fun and a crucial part of a child's development.  Tricia Lee is fantastic to watch and join in with. It is aimed at 2 to 7 year olds so great for siblings as well. We do hope you explore and enjoy the wide variety of poems on offer. Maybe choose one a week to enjoy and learn. Which one will you choose this week? Go to:

And put in the following details

Username:  hardwick.cambs (all lower case)

Password: LimesRoad2020

We hope you are all now using the daily Government YouTube phonics lessons. The information and links are all in our phonics star. Please do keep clicking on our ‘Phonics’ and ‘Handwriting’ stars. Keep watching our videos of the sounds and tricky words to embed them alongside the daily phonics lessons from the government. Maybe pick one handwriting letter family daily to practice. A little every day goes a long way.


Please keep visiting ‘Oxford Owl’ for your weekly reading books. We recommend reading at least one book a week and revisiting that book over the week just as you were all doing when you had your physical reading book every week when we were still at school. Please keep writing in child’s reading records every time you do some reading.


Also a reminder that at 6pm every night a staff member reads a bedtime story. Sharing stories and reading to your child is important and what better time to do this than now.

Have fun playing 'I spy' and creating your own number stories with all your favourite pets, in the maths video below with Mrs Rand.

Pets Maths Challenge

Having watched the video, how many of Mrs Rand's questions can you answer using the Twinkl resources below? Do send us photos of your fantastic maths skills!

What is a collage? Watch Mrs Berrio’s video to find out and hear more about this week's art challenge. Follow her step by step presentation to create your very own pet collage. Her video and presentation give a step by step guide and the great thing is, you can use so many different materials and media to make a collage. What will you find to use in your house we wonder? We can’t wait to see your creations. Do send in photos of your art!

Mrs Berrio's Collage Pets Challenge

Finally, Captain Tod has returned with a pet themed PE challenge for this week... Do send us videos of any pet inspired moves you come up with!

Captain Tod's Pet PE Challenge

We are loving seeing what you are up to and all your wonderful home learning, so please keep sending it in so we can celebrate and share it :-)


Best wishes,

The Reception Team