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Celebration of learning

In Cambourne site, children have created fabulous mandalas with very original designs and made with materials that they have collected in the playground themselves. They have also built a bug hotel in a pot with rooms made out of toilet rolls and filled with natural objects. Insects will love it!

Isaac has written this postcard in response to the one William wrote to him last week. Can you see how many tricky words he used? What a nice picture of Isaac and William he has drawn too.

Over at Cambourne the children were excited to collect natural materials and took a lot of care and time when making their mandalas. We were impressed with how the children sorted and then shared their resources. Well done!

The Reception children at Hardwick have made mandalas.

Hana enjoyed making a mandala in school, so much so that she found more natural objects and created another piece of artwork whilst at home.

Adele made this gorgeous mandala project all by herself and from things she found in her garden. It’s beautiful!

William enjoyed a nature walk with friends today. They spotted lots of butterflies and a huge dragon fly too.

During this pleasant walk, William and his friends collected some flowers and grasses. Later on, he created a fabulous mandala art with them. We can see how much your sister loved it!

Potato challenge. In April I set you the White Rose Maths challenge of growing your own potatoes by planting a sprouting potato. 58 days crossed off the 100 day countdown and this is what mine looks like...