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Friday 8th May - Roll of Honour


The Gillings have enjoyed their tea party in the front garden! They made bunting, listened to 1940’s music and ate cucumber sandwiches! And Rowan (year 2) and Alba’s (Reception) grandma  told them this interesting fact:

On VE Day in 1945 the Royal family and Churchill went onto Buckingham palace balcony to wave to the tumultuous crowds below who were dancing and cheering.
The queen, then princess Elizabeth and her sister, Margaret, wanted to join these crowds and were allowed to go down to be amongst them. Elizabeth and Margaret joined in the celebration, people  didn't notice who they were.
















To see more pictures of how VE Day was celebrated across the school. including Reception children, please go to the News and Events page of the website,  or click the link below:

Thursday 7th May - Roll of Honour


Preparations for your VE day celebrations have continued.


Evie has been very industrious, writing her picnic list and painting her bunting in red, white and blue. How colourful Evie! It will look fabulous, wherever you decide to hang it.


Well done Aria for making a list of your picnic foods too. Reading your list made me feel very hungry! I was pleased to see how hard you have worked sounding out the words you needed and remembering diagraphs like 'ch' and 'er' in your writing. 


 Amazing bunting too, Flavia!

 I hope you enjoy your celebration tomorrow!  

A fine list William, full of yummy goodies and how much has your hand writing improved! I am so pleased and proud of you. It looks like you are set to have a fantastic VE celebration on Friday. Hopefully the weather will stay like this. Have a great time.

Next,  Mr Tod was immensely proud of Adele who has continued reading at home using the Oxford Owl books. It is lovely to see you working so hard at your reading Adele. Keep up the great work! 

Adele has also used  'Counting Caterpillar' to practise sequencing her numbers. 

Next, Matheus, who has been making the most of the sunny weather and has been climbing trees and riding his bike. 

Having made all preparations for her picnic earlier in the week, Blossom has found time to play Monopoly! You are counting the spaces and moving your counter along very carefully, Blossom. Well done! 

Lastly today, another 'Captain Tod' inspired obstacle course, this time by Haidar.

Haidar I feel tired just watching you complete this!


Haidar's Obstacle Course

Still image for this video

We have really enjoyed following your preparations for VE day and watching you undertake this week's challenges. We hope you enjoy your day and the weather continues to be kind!

Wishing you all a fun weekend,

The Reception Team

Wednesday 6th May - Roll of Honour


Preparations for  VE day celebrations are in full swing with picnics being planned and bunting and flags made!


Frank wrote out his VE picnic list at the start of the week with great enthusiasm. He has enjoyed looking up old images of World War Two fighter planes and decided to draw a spitfire on one of his bunting flags. Great research Frank....and enjoy eating your Victoria Sponge cake on Friday!

Blossom has also been preparing. Having written her picnic list, she decided that she ought to practise making some of the foods for her celebration picnic! It all looks delicious, Blossom. Blossom has also completed the obstacle challenge, and had great fun doing so!

Blossom's Obstacle Course



Wow, Holly, what amazing colouring! You have done it so neatly, staying in between the lines. I wonder whether you will make it into a flag to wave or hang it like bunting? I'm really impressed with how you have written your numbers too.

Have fun on Friday with your celebrations!

Elsie has been completing our weekly challenges too, and sent in lots of photographs of her learning. This week she has designed her own medal, watched the daily phonics videos and been sequencing her number cards. You have been so busy Elsie! Keep up the good work!

Tuesday 5th May - Roll of Honour


Many of you have taken advantage of the continued good weather to construct your own obstacle courses. Firstly, Mr Tod was very impressed by William who sent in a video of his course. 

"Wow William, what a brilliant obstacle course! I'm impressed how you came up with the different types of obstacle and loved it at the end when you defeated the shark with your Incredible Hulk hand! So cool!"


William's Obstacle Course

Still image for this video

Next, William in Miss Jones' class has been very busy. He has created his own obstacle course, written in his diary and continued to read books from the Oxford Owl site. Well done William! Miss Jones loved seeing how busy you have been.

"What a fantastic obstacle course and a great action shot of you mid- air! Captain Tod will be very impressed. Well done on your diary entry as well. One day you will be able to read your diary back and remember all the things you did whilst in lockdown! Great reading too this week. I hope you are enjoying the E-books on Oxford Owl. Keep Up the good work William!"

Lastly, Lola has been busy playing a new board game with her sister. Well done Lola on your careful counting and number recognition! 

Monday 4th May - Roll of Honour


As always, we love receiving your pictures and emails showing us what you have been busy doing, and it is great to know you are finding ways to stay in touch with each other too!

Well done Flavia, who made contact with all her classmates by hosting a 'Scavenger Hunt' on Zoom. Everybody had to collect different items from around their house. You all  had lots of fun and were excited to 'be together'!  


Miss Jones was really pleased to receive a letter from Bella this morning....

"Bella I loved receiving your letter this morning and I am missing you too but I am happy to see you are keeping so busy. Thank you so much for taking the time to write a letter. Writing letters is such a lovely thing to do and it is always so special to receive a letter.

Your Bumble Bee and Lady Bird are wonderful. I think this is something we can do in Reception when we get back to school.

It is a very exciting week getting ready for VE Day on Friday and I am glad to hear you will be getting busy with all our activities this week."

Well done to Lilly, who is the first to show us her response to 'Captain Tod's Obstacle Course Challenge!' 

Wow Lilly! This is an awesome obstacle course! Balancing on that log looked tricky, but you did it! Well done!

Lilly's Obstacle Course Challenge!

Still image for this video