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Celebration of Learning

Adele has been practising her Maths, working out some money word problems. Wow! Then, she has written a letter for Lola with a big pink heart on top!

Have a close look at what William and his sister saw during their walk!... A jumping frog!

William has been learning the value of coins. Here, you can see him sorting them out. He has also written a sweet postcard to Isaac where you can spot several digraphs in it. Well done William!

Jazmin has been working really hard his week! Look at her incredibly big and happy octopus made out of a ‘red-pink’ pattern and 20 loops of strips for each leg! She also drew it and, using a neat handwriting, wrote a lot of different facts about these animals. Jazmin also made a beautiful picture of her octopus, playing with fish and surrounded by algae, under the sea. Then, Jazmin wrote a postcard for Daisy with a colourful stamp on it.

Bella worked hard on her octopus, making sure each leg is made out of 10 loops of strips. Good counting in there! She has also written a postcard for her grandma and grandpa with a stamp on it, ready to be sent! They are going to love reading it!

Bella made this poster inspired by the ‘Blue Peter’ show she watched, where she learned about sea turtles. She has written some important things we can all do to save our oceans.

This is Erin’s octopus. Can you spot the pattern she has chosen for its legs?

Have a look at Gabriella’s octopus and its colourful legs! Don’t miss out the background on her picture, all full of sea creatures!

Some of our Nursery, Reception and Year 2 children, learning in school this week, took on the challenge of writing a postcard, imagining they were a creature under the sea.

Flavia has been busy exploring her new kindle through writing messages to some of her friends. We are sure they will be gratefully received. Wonderful gingerbread making! We all instantly recognised Nemo from your drawing and are extremely impressed with your use of describing words. Well done! The trip to feed the ducks looks relaxing. Thank you for sharing.