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Celebration of Learning

Wonderful to see you William! William has watched the film, Finding Nemo. He read about clown fish and then recorded a fact that he had learnt about them. You finished your work with a fantastic drawing too.

Have a look at Adele practising a finger gym exercise called, ‘Cat's Cradle-String Figure’, that her mum and dad learnt when they were her age and, now, they've taught to her.

Wow! Jazmin has been really busy this week, not just completing some Maths but, also, carefully traced handwriting and writing down interesting facts about starfish.

Have a look at the patterns in Jazmin’s snail and the feathers she used for her butterfly antennae. What wonderful art creations!

Wow, Tise you have worked hard to complete the challenges this week! Let's see if anyone can guess which animal is hidden behind the paper. Tise has underlined key words in the facts that she has written to make it easier for you. This is excellent!

Tise has drawn and coloured her fish tank, including its marine plants and algae but, also, the fish, an octopus with its 8 legs and a scary creature! What do you think it could be?

Wonderful artwork Aria! You have carefully painted an orange octopus and created two pink ones out of toilet roll.We have enjoyed reading the fantastic, interesting facts about these animals that you have written out so neatly.

Well done Bella for completing two of the home learning challenges. An excellent description and drawing of Squirt. We think your underwater scene is super and particularly like the bubble wrap jelly fish!

William's fantastic fish tank. He has also produced this fantastic and neat piece of writing, explaining how he made it and how he needed a 3D shape as well.

Jazmin made this amazing Finding Nemo scene - well done!