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Celebration of Learning

Friday 5th June - Roll of Honour

Tise has found that it's possible to explore 'doubling' and 'halving' during teatime, using chicken nuggets to help her! Fantastic work Tise... if only we could have those in school!
























Phoebe has been doubling too. I like the way you have drawn the sticks, Phoebe ... it shows how you worked out the answer. Phoebe has enjoyed our week of gingerbread man learning and knows the story well. She has created her own comic strip and written the repeated phrase "Run, run...". Well done Phoebe for all your great learning. You look very grown up working at your very own 'work station'.smiley


Lastly today is William who has been busy exploring floating and sinking,so he can help the gingerbread man, and has continued to practise his reading and phonics. William this is such an important thing to keep doing. We are very proud of you. Remember to look at the Oxford Owl website if you need some new, 'decodable' books to read.smiley


Thursday 4th June - Roll of Honour

Tise is proud to share with us her version of 'The Gingerbread Man' story. She has written a detailed account and drawn all the animals chasing after the gingerbread man! To help the gingerbread man escape from the fox, she made a boat for him out of folded paper. What great work Tise!  


































Aria has made her own story map and created a 'Gingerbread woman'! I love the googly eyes and eyelashes you have added Aria. In addition, Aria has written a story about a princess and her pet unicorn who meet up with their friends and have a picnic. I like how you have started your story with 'Once upon a time...' and how you have written in sentences, remembering a capital letter at the start and a full stop at the end. Fantastic writing Aria! What fun to have a unicorn as a pet!










Aria has also been busy in the garden. She has been growing carrots, with the help of her mum! Wow!























The Gingerbread Man story has inspired many of you to 'get baking'!

Well done to  Zeppellin, who has been busy baking with her brothers, and to Oliver who has made his own gingerbread men.  Yum, yum! smiley



Wednesday 3rd June - Roll of Honour

Firstly, Bella has made us all feel hungry today by sending in a photo of the vanilla biscuits she has made. She has written clear instructions on how to make them including the ingredients she used. Great writing Bella and baking too. They look delicious! Bella has also made her own 'Fairytale Quiz'. What a great idea Bella. I wonder who can read and answer all of your questions?   















Next William has been thinking of 'The Three Little Pigs' story. He has created his own 'pigs' and decorated a house for each of them. I love all the detail you have added William. You have taken great care with this.

After finishing, William and his sister Grace, celebrated their hard work by having tea, including mini gingerbread men!




Lastly today, a story map of 'The Gingerbread Man' by Lisa. Well done for drawing such detailed pictures of each of the animals and for writing the repeated phrase 'Run, run as fast as you can.' from the story too.  Great work! 

Oliver has also made a story map. The annotations show how you have retold the story in detail Oliver, and I love how you used 'Once upon a time' at the beginning. Great story language! 

Tuesday 2nd June - Roll of Honour

Matheus has been busy completing our literacy challenges. During 'Traditional Tales' week, he made his own story board of 'The Three Little Pigs'. He has enjoyed reading "A Bus for Miss Moss" and once familiar with the story, created his own story map. Well done Matheus! We love to see what you have been doing. Keep up the good work! 


Monday 1st June Roll of Honour


Well done to Jazmin who did a brilliant job of retelling the story of the '3 Little Pigs' last week. I love the pigs, wolf and houses that you made to help you retell the story and you must have worked so hard to write down the #story using 3 whole story boards - fantastic job! Well done also for finding a variety of different things that are taller and shorter than you :-)




When finding things taller  and shorter than herself, Alba measured her sunflower which was then shorter than her. Alba has been looking after her sunflower well and noticed that it had grown so much, it was now taller than her! I wonder how tall it will grow, Alba? 

Great writing Alba. You remembered the tricky words 'my' and 'me' and used your phonics to help you write 'now' and 'flower'. smiley













Frank really enjoyed retelling and writing his own story. Miss Jones was very impressed when she heard he had used his phonics to help him write 'custard'  and 'river' correctly. 

" His phonics is progressing brilliantly and it is great he is applying his knowledge when writing."













William listened to Mrs Kemp read 'The Gingerbread Man' this morning and proceeded to make his own story map.

"Excellent work William. I like the way you have drawn your story map and picked out the repeated phrase to write." 













Lastly today, Zeppelin has been busy writing her version of the Gingerbread Man story. What great writing Zeppelin! Your story has lots of detail and you have even remembered how to use capital letters and full stops correctly too.smiley