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Celebration of Learning

Friday 22nd May  - Roll of Honour

Well done to Bella, who responded to the challenge Miss Jones set her yesterday, and has written about her favourite part of the Jack and the Beanstalk story.



"Bella this is brilliant! That is my favourite bit as well because I get to put on a big loud voice and stamp my feet while I try to be scary! You are using your phonics well. Your picture is fantastic. His green face makes him look very cross! Great use of a speech bubble as well. 

Have a super half term Bella and all of the family as well. You’ve done such a great job of home learning this half term."






William has been following the phonics lessons online and has been busy writing in his diary and doing some crafts!












Miss Jones says:

"I love tennis as well William! Your writing is very good and I can see you using your phonics well. I am so pleased you are sticking with the daily phonics. It’s definitely paying off as is all of your hard work.

I think your home learning has been excellent this half term. Thank you so much for sharing it with me. 

Have a well earned break over half term and enjoy this good weather." 


As a team, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for sharing your home learning with us and for continuing to tackle our challenges with enthusiasm and creativity. We do so love seeing everything the children have been doing!

Next week is half term and therefore no new challenges will be posted during this time. However, we will be back on June 1st with a range of activities based on another well-known traditional tale.

We wish you and your family a very safe and relaxing half term.

The Reception Team 

Thursday 21st May  - Roll of Honour


Bella has amazed us today with her detailed Jack and the Beanstalk pictures and her story map of The Gingerbread Man. Miss Jones says:

"Fantastic artwork Bella as usual. Your drawings are so detailed. I like the way you have been exploring different Traditional Tales. Well done on your writing as well. Could you try and write a few sentences for me? Maybe pick your favourite part of ‘Jack and The Beanstalk’."


Meanwhile, Matheus has been busy writing on his blackboard. 


"Super work Matheus - you can use your writing to sing the Days of the Week song! I love how you have a blackboard wall at home, that's a brilliant idea. Keep up the great work!"

Next, Tise has been putting her fingers through their paces, threading beads to make a bracelet and practising her handwriting. Mr Tod commented:

"Well done for practising your handwriting, Tise and I love that you have had a go at a finger gym task - Mrs Borbas will be delighted to see your beautiful bracelet!"

Finally Adele, who has completed some amazing maths tasks this week, including a 'Number Bonds to 100 Dominoes game' with her brother Erik. Mr Tod was impressed by your teamwork.

"Great maths work, Adele, you have been a busy bee. That's fantastic that you have been able to do maths with your brother - it looks like you make a great team!"

Wednesday 20th May  - Roll of Honour


Firstly today, Jazmin has sent in work and photographs related to our 'pet challenges', which she really enjoyed. Jazmin is the very proud owner of a baby hamster, which is still only 7 weeks old. Her name is Szotyi, which is the nickname for sunflower seeds, in Hungary. 

"Jazmin, your hamster is so cute and adorable! I am sure that you are going to be brilliant at looking after Szotyi. What beautiful writing and amazing maths as well - keep up the great work 🙂"

Haidar has been thinking about things that are shorter and taller than himself. He has drawn some very careful and detailed pictures and written a list. Well done Haidar!


Tise has taken up our story telling challenge, using her Paw Patrol toys to help her act out the story. Mr Tod was pleased that they saved the day! 

"Wow, Tise, I love your story and that it has real drama and excitement in it! Hurrah for the Paw Patrol saving the day 🙂 Great maths work as well Tise!"

William has been busy writing today as well as cooling off in his paddling pool! Miss Jones says:

"Great writing today William and I don’t blame you for having fun in your paddling pool. It has been scorching hot hasn’t it?!

I am so pleased to see you using your Letter family mats to help you. Your handwriting is looking neat as well and I am impressed with how many sentences you have written."


Elliot and Alexander worked really hard together to build the 'set' for Jack and the Beanstalk'. Do watch the video(s) below to see what a great job they did together, and to listen to a classic version of the Jack and the Beanstalk story, as told by Elliot. Miss Jones says:

"Wow Elliot and Alexander what a fantastic Lego set you have built together. Such great team work.

Elliot you use story and time language so well when you re-tell the story and I love your expression! Could you now have a go at writing a few of the sentences out as you told it so well?

This is superb work all round and well done to Mummy too for all the great prompts and questioning. I couldn’t have done it better myself.

Loving your new hair Elliot! Very smart."


Jack and the Beanstalk, as told by Elliot

Still image for this video

Jack and the Beanstalk, part 2

Still image for this video

Tuesday 19th May  - Roll of Honour


Alba has been very busy measuring. She has found lots of items that are taller and shorter than herself and chose to record their actual height too!



"Wow Alba, what great measuring!

You have written some large numbers and have used your phonics when writing.

I wonder how long it will be before your sunflower is taller than you Alba?

Super work, well done!"   





Lola has been learning to ride her bike. She wrote a letter to Mr Tod to tell him!

Mr Tod replied,


"Thank you so much for my letter 🙂 I miss you too but I love that you are challenging yourself by learning to ride your bike. Do write to me again and let me know when you succeed! Happy cycling..."

Lastly today, we are very proud of Matheus, who has written a birthday card for Oliver. How thoughtful! 



"Well done Matheus for writing such a lovely birthday card for Oliver - I am sure he will love to see it! What a kind gesture, Matheus 🙂"

Monday 18th May  - Roll of Honour


William has really embraced our 'Jack and the Beanstalk'  theme. He has created his own Lego beanstalk, painted a beanstalk and made his own storyboard. Miss Jones commented, " Wow William what a busy and great start to the week. Firstly your Lego Beanstalk is superb. I love the way Jack is climbing up it. I hope you had fun building it and setting the scene for Jack and The Beanstalk. Then you painted the beanstalk and used cereal to write with. That is so original, I love it! I think I would have eaten lots of the letters especially as they look so chocolatey and yummy! Finally William can I say a huge well done for such fantastic writing. You have made your own story board and retold the story so well. You have worked hard on your hand writing. I can see that from how neat it is."

Meanwhile Bella has taken up Mrs Borbas' challenge and made her own stick puppets to re-tell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Wow Bella, these are fantastic!

I hope you had fun using them when telling your version of the story!

We look forward to seeing more of your 'Jack and the Beanstalk' learning tomorrow. 

The Reception team