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Friday PM Roll of Honour


Alicia has been having great fun at home with her brother, engaging in a wide variety of activities :-) Mrs Rand says, "It is great to see how busy you are keeping at home Alicia. Well done for continuing to practise your writing and spelling. I can see that your brother Daniel enjoys painting as much as you do! I wonder what you were planting in your garden? I am growing tomatoes and courgettes in mine!"


Matheus has been busy bee at home this week, participating in the daily phonics videos, reading from his collection of 50 books called 'My First Reading Library' and practising his writing, as you can see below. Matheus, you are a superstar :-) Matheus also created his own obstacle course, which you can view below... well done for completing it in under 1 minute! 


Matheus' Obstacle Course

Still image for this video

Friday 15th May Roll of Honour


Evie has 3 cats and a dog at home, but she decided to write about her favourite cat, Meg, who is naughty and likes to sleep on Evie's bed. Well done for challenging yourself and writing three full sentences, Evie! Great work :-)


Blossom went out for a lovely walk yesterday and found this very tall stick! She delivered supplies to her granny and saw her dog, Rocky. At home, Blossom practised her counting and addition with the 'I spy' pet maths challenge. Well done Blossom :-)


Theo has got plenty of tadpoles at home, so he decided to adopt one as his 'pet' and create a collage of it. Fabulous!


Lola enjoyed writing about her puppy, Nala, who, as Lola writes, is the cutest! Well done for writing so carefully Lola and challenging yourself - keep it up! Lola then made a picture for her friend, Adele and went to the post box to post it! What a lovely gesture, Lola :-)


William wrote this fantastic letter for Miss Jones, after she asked him about the small house he was painting the previous day. I love how you underlined all the digraphs in your writing William :-) Keep up the great work!


Stan has been having lots of fun during lockdown with his family and wanted to share this picture of himself playing on the trampoline :-) Stan - what is the record number of bounces you have done on the trampoline? Have you reached 20? Or perhaps 50? Or even 100 bounces?!


Eleanor is fortunate enough to have the adorable Coco as her pet dog at home, and Eleanor has done great work writing about her. Miss Jones says, "Wow Eleanor I am so impressed with your writing and how you are using your phonics. Your dog is so cute and your collage looks just like your dog! Mrs Berrio will be so impressed. Super work this week. I loved speaking to you the other day as well. Keep up the good work and give your dog a pat from me!" 


Finally, Elliot has some very exciting news to share with everyone: he has finally lost both his bottom front teeth within the last two days! They had been wobbly for ages and have caused him problems eating some of his favourite foods! The tooth fairy made two visits last week, leaving him a lovely letter for his first tooth and some money for his piggy bank - but needs a bit of a rest now! Miss Jones says, "Wow I can't believe you've lost both your bottom front teeth this week. Not one but two! We will have to call you Pirate Sibley from now on  :-) "

Thursday 14th May Roll of Honour


Well done to Haidar who did a great job completing Mrs Rand's maths challenge. Mrs Rand says "Wow Haidar! It is really great to see the work you have been doing. I am very impressed that you did both addition and subtraction sentences. Well done😊"


Ella has loved this week's pet theme and has created these two beautiful ginger cats using pencil crayons and a collage :-) I love the attention to detail that you have put into each cat, Ella :-) Well done also on really challenging yourself with your writing, and for using your phonics to help you. Keep up the great work!  


William has enjoyed watching the Government's phonics lessons on YouTube this week and he and his sister made these lovely houses, painting them with their favourite colours :-)


Theo did a great job reading a letter he received yesterday and then set to work on writing his own letter in response. How beautiful your handwriting is now, Theo! And well done for really challenging yourself in your writing, keep up the good work! 


Tise created this incredibly colourful collage cat and then drew a similarly colourful cat :-) I love the detail you put into both cats and like how you drew a fish tank next to the cat on the right! Keep up the great work, Tise!   


Lisa wasn't feeling great yesterday but worked really hard to write a couple of sentences about the experience. Well done for challenging yourself, Lisa! 


Finally, Oliver has some exciting news to share with everyone: it is his birthday on Thursday! We look forward to finding out how you are going to celebrate your birthday, Oliver, and hope you have a great day :-)



Wednesday 13th May Roll of Honour


Doesn't Zep have the cutest rabbit in the world?! Well done for putting so much detail into your writing about Hector - you have done an amazing job! I loved finding out that Hector's specialist skill is to jump in the air :-)


Edie must also surely have the cutest dog in the world, who as you can see is doing her best meerkat impression! Edie I love your writing about Ruby and it's so clear from your writing just how much you love her. Well done :-)


Alba was doing some writing on her iPad and decided to write a message for Mrs Rand :-) Mrs Rand says, "Thank you for your kind message. I am very well. I miss you all but every time I get a message or photo, it makes me smile! I am impressed by how you have written the tricy words 'you' and 'are' Alba. Fantastic! Keep up the good work :-)"

Matheus made these delicious looking cookies yesterday, and as you can see is rightly proud of his efforts! How many cookies did you make, Matheus? What flavour are they? I hope you shared them with your sister!


Oliver wrote about his pet cats this morning and drew this lovely picture of them :-) Well done for using your phonics to write the digraphs 'or', 'ng' and 'oo' and for writing the tricky words 'my' and 'they'. Keep up the good work!


Lisa also wrote her pet dogs, well done for using the trick words 'my' and 'she' in your writing! Lisa has done a great job practising her handwriting - beautiful :-)


Finally for this morning, Ryan has been kept very busy at home, doing a variety of fun craft activities, such as drawing rainbows to say thank you to our key workers and a poppy collage for VE Day. He has also been working hard at his phonics, writing and numbers, and as you can see in the final photo, he and his big brother, Jack, are becoming quite the experts at baking. Keep up the great work, Ryan!   


Tuesday 12th May Roll of Honour


Imogen made this poppy for the VE Day celebrations which she was rightly proud of :-) Imogen also made rock cakes and enjoyed eating them, yum yum!


Matheus was a very busy boy yesterday as he watched the Government's daily phonics video, completed Mrs Rand's maths challenge, made a lovely painting of a cute animal and then finally, drew and wrote about a pet he would like to have: a lizard with dots and zigzags. Well done Matheus, that's amazing work! I love that you wrote a sentence about your pet lizard, well done :-) 


William worked hard at his maths yesterday, completing these sums:


Bella was excited to get started on this week's challenges and went straight for Mrs Berrio's collage challenge, making a fish with lots of semi-circles. It's an amazing collage, Bella :-) Next Bella drew a picture of her cat, Monty and wrote all about him. Well done for using your phonics, Bella and I love how much information you have given about him. Well done!


Flavia had a great time celebrating VE Day; here she is on her bike with lovely homemade bunting on the fence behind and tucking into yummy party food with her brother, Rocco :-) 


Elsie also had a VE Day feast with her big sister, Lyla. We love the homemade bunting and flags and how all the decorations are blue, red and write! Lovely :-)


Finally, Salahuddin had a go at creating his own obstacle course and in the video below you can see how he gets on. I love the persistence that Salahuddin showed to complete the course, also how his family helped him along the way with plenty of encouragement and the odd 'pick me up'. Brilliant stuff, well done Salahuddin! 

Salahuddin's Obstacle Course!

Monday 11th May: Roll of Honour


Alba and her sister, Rowan, enjoyed having a tea party in their front garden on VE Day :-) They made bunting, listened to 1940’s music and ate cucumber sandwiches! Their grandma told them this interesting fact: On VE Day in 1945 the Royal family and Churchill went onto Buckingham palace balcony to wave to the tumultuous crowds below who were dancing and cheering. The queen, then princess Elizabeth and her sister, Margaret, wanted to join these crowds and were allowed to go down to be amongst them. Elizabeth and Margaret joined in the celebration, but people  didn't notice who they were. What a great story!


Lola also had great fun learning about VE Day - and her mum learnt a lot too!. She learnt how her great grandparents were in the war and enjoyed looking at these beautiful portraits of them. Lola also made afternoon tea, which was delivered to her Grandma at a safe distance (of course!) and they all had tea together over Skype! Lovely :-)


Anna also enjoyed having a tea party on VE Day in her front garden with family, if you look closely enough you can see Anna making the v for victory sign! Anna has been working really hard on the challenges each week and as you can see below, she made a lovely toilet roll chick and an impressively comprehensive list of all the food in her fridge! What beautiful handwriting, Anna - keep up the great work :-) 


Blossom also had fun celebrating VE Day with a picnic in the garden with her family, what a lovely spread of food!


Finally, Evie also had a great time celebrating with a special VE Day themed picnic and then successfully completed her own obstacle course. Well done, Evie!

Evie's Obstacle Course

Still image for this video