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This is a volcano that Aria has made out of a plastic bottle... and it is ready to erupt!

Have a look at Aria's volcano erupting!! It is incredible to see all that lava coming out for so long!!!!!

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Aria, it looks like you have been having fun. Thank you for sharing. I wonder what you used to make your volcano erupt for such a long time? Mrs Kemp

Aria, how carefully you have been working on your stone family! You have included some elegant details that make your work so delicate. Fantastic!

Bella, your proud face shows how beautiful these colourful artworks are! Printing with different kind of leaves and, then, your stone family under a rainbow, all in size order and, even labelled! Well done!

Reception children at Cambourne had so much fun with bugs this week. Earlier in the week, they went for a bug hunt and the children labelled all the bugs that they collected, whilst today they really enjoyed making bugs out of sticks and leaves, before then writing about their creations

Wow Jazmin, what a fantastic bunch of homework! You worked out your adding and take away Math using blocks. What a good idea! You have also cut and stuck numbers 11 to 20 in the right order. Great rhyming words and drawings matching them! Keep up your handwriting practice! Your stick twig is delightful!

Have a look at William's family he made out of stones and coloured pinecones. Is it not meaningful and delicate? He chose the right size for each body and, later on, he ordered them bearing in mind the height of them.

Over in Cambourne we read some of the minibeast poems. We thought of rhyming words and had a go at recording a simple rhyme. Can you spot something that wanted to join in?

The Reception children at Hardwick have been keeping busy concentrating on many of this week's activities. Great efforts to make symmetrical playdough butterflies, careful conker counting, leaf bugs and fabulous descriptions.

These pictures show Adele's Maths work, practicing numbers 10 to 20. First, she has been counting and matching colourful pasta with the right number. Then, she cut out numbers and glued them in order all by herself. Super Maths!

This is Bella’s amazing work. She is getting so much enjoyment from 'The Poetry Basket' that she decided to write down some poems she learnt... and she did it off by heart! What a beautiful handwriting as well!

Today, William had a go at one of the activities suggested for this week: rhyming words. See what he came up with! He also drew some pictures related to those words he wrote down. Well done!