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Celebration of Children's Learning

Friday 1st May Roll of Honour


Flavia loved making her fruit animal and it looked so tempting, her brother Rocco joined in as well :-) What deliciously tasty creatures you both made, nom, nom!


Jazmin loved the challenges set this week - I suspect because it involved one of the things she loves most in the world: fruit! She ordered the fruit in her kitchen from smallest to largest and then put all the food from her fridge into four groups: meat and salami, fruit, cheese and dairy. She then decided to make this yummy fruit butterfly :-) Finally, Jazmin wrote about two of groups of food in her diary and wrote about the biggest fruit, the watermelon. What wonderful illustrations, Jazmin, and beautiful hand writing! Keep up the good work :-)


Jazmin also wanted to share her favourite cake with you, the exquisite Hungarian Peach Cake. What an incredible cake - would you be able to send us the recipe?!  



Adele enjoyed practising her handwriting each day using Miss Jones' handwriting videos, and wanted to show Miss Jones her latest work. Miss Jones is so proud of you, Adele :-) She also took on the art challenge and used a pear, banana, choco pops and whole black peppercorns to make this cute 'pear bear'! Well done, Adele!!

Thursday 30th April Roll of Honour


Blossom had a great time finding different types of food in her kitchen! First, she sorted all her food into fridge and cupboard items. Next, she sorted her food into dairy and fruit, writing labels for each of these categories. Finally, she chose to write about sweetcorn. What beautiful writing, Blossom - well done :-) 


Imogen went on a 'food hunt' at home and chose to write about a chocolate egg :-) She wrote a lovely sentence all about chocolate and then proceeded to eat the egg. Yum!


Today William got involved in his sister's nursery task, which was setting up a shop. He weighed the fruit and vegetables and sold them to his customers :-) Miss Jones says: "This looks brilliant William. You've got some great maths going on there." Well done!

Wednesday 29th April Roll of Honour


Miss Jones says "This is super work Bella. What a healthy selection of yellow vegetables you have got there! Your fact writing about apples is excellent and your handwriting too. Mrs Kemp is going to be very pleased with you completing her challenge this week." Well done Bella!


William says "I did 10 throw ups and (after a few attempts) 10 bounces and catches, yay!.....10 add 10 equals 20. I also completed a big jigsaw puzzle with Grace". Keep up the great work, William!


Miss Jones says "That is a fantastic fruit bat Frank! Very original and super healthy. You tuck in and enjoy the fruits of your labour as they say!" Yummy scrummy, in Frank's tummy!


Tise also enjoyed creating fruit creatures and made a cat and two caterpillars :-) Tise chose to sort the food in her fridge into those that are fruit and not fruit - great writing, Tise!


Finally, Aria chose to write about a banana and really challenged herself as she wrote 4 sentences. Banana and custard, yum! - that gives me an idea for my lunch today, thank you! Well done :-)

Tuesday 28th April Roll of Honour


Well done to Flavia who chose a strawberry from her fridge. She drew a picture and then wrote two sentences about it. Great job, Flavia!


Well done to Aria who has completed Mrs Kemp's food challenge and sorted food from her kitchen into 3 groups: fruit, tins and 'food that we cook in water'. We love how you have presented your work so neatly and for using your phonics in your writing :-) Aria also made these delicious looking cookies with her Mummy!


William really loved the fridge challenge and chose these 5 items of food to write about: What lovely illustrations, William!



Monday 27th April Celebration of Learning


Firstly, a belated HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY to Ollie Williams in Mrs Rand's class, and Lisa Nabuurs in Miss Jones' class. We hope you both had a fantastic day celebrating your birthdays last week, and feel so much older now that you're 5 :-)


Well done to Jasmine, who really enjoyed all of last week's challenges. Jasmine found more than 10 different items on the shape hunt and even added an oval, semi-circle, cone and pentagon :-) For the life cycle of a chicken, Jasmine was mesmerised by the development of an embryo inside the egg and watched it several times, then enjoyed practising her cutting and sticking skills to make her chic picture. Well done Jasmine for writing 4 sentences on the life cycle of a chicken and we're glad that you enjoyed the topic so much!