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Cambourne Weekly Update

This week we have carried on with our 'People Who Help Us' topic with the role play areas being turned into a police station and doctors surgery.

We have also carried on with the 'Burglar Bill' story and the children have written re-counts about his visit to the classroom.

In PE we have been throwing, catching and bouncing using beanbags and balls.

Both classrooms now have a lovely permanent kitchen role play area each funded by the £25 each class collected by saving 5p's in a bottle, a donation from the PTA and money collected from Miss Jones writing club.

We have also talked alot about hygiene and how we can keep ourselves safe with the recent coronavrius headlines in the news.




In maths we have been looking at the no.11 and learning about a cylinder.




In phonics we have learnt the sounds ow and oi and the tricky words my and was.


Mrs Wordsworth


Words we have learnt and understood the meaning of are:





This week we launched our new topic 'People who help us' and we have been focusing on the police.  On Tuesday night we had an unexpected visitor 'Burglar Bill' who's sack got stuck up in the window.  So we turned into police detectives list writing what we found in his sack and looking for evidence and clues.

Everybody looked fabulous on 'World Book Day' and thank you to everybody who helped with costumes at home to make this a success.

A big thank you to Eloisa's mum who volunteered to help out gardening in our outdoor area.  She worked with children having a good sort out, weeding and planting ready for spring.  Its looking fresh and tidy out there and the children have enjoyed helping out.

Gentle reminder please that if your child would like to help with the gardening or play in the mud kitchen they need a pair of wellington boots at school.

Please may we also have PE kits in school for when the children have PE.




In phonics we learnt new sounds ur and ow.



In maths we have been consolidating numbers up to 10.  We are finding ways to make numbers up to 10 and reasoning.  We are looking at quantities of 'more' and 'fewer'.


Mrs Wordsworth Words


Words we have been learning about this week are;-






We have finished our 'Rain forest' topic this week and 'wow' we have been amazed by the children's 3D shape models of rain forest animals.  All children that made them stood up in front of both classes to share and talk about their models.  Children are becoming more confident at using the correct language to label and describe the shapes.

Please do try to look at the models on display in the corridor.

In PE we have started a new unit for this half term 'throwing', 'catching' and 'rolling'.

In art we have looked closely at animal prints and patterns and have been experimenting with oil pastels to create animal prints.

We have been writing half term recounts about what we have got up to over half term.





This week we have been recapping the sounds learnt so far in phonics, as well as learning the new tricky word 'my'.




In maths we have been looking at the concept of more and less.  Our number of the week has been 5 and the shape of the week - cylinder.


Mrs Wordsworth Words


This week we have learnt the meaning of these words:-








This week we launched into our new topic of 'hot' and 'rain forests' learning about different

animals that live in the rain forests through different forms of media.

We have also been writing "I can see sentences" encouraging descriptive and interesting language.

We have been making our own 'rain shakers' and playing them along to 'The Rain Forest Song'

which you can find on the internet.


Thank you to Eloisas' mum who on Friday volunteered to come in and plant some bulbs and do some gardening in our outdoor area.  We all got stuck in and had a thoroughly enjoyable morning.


Material to support early reading at home has also gone home this week, along with the updated phonics sounds to go in the home learning pink phonics books.





In phonics we have been learning the oo long sound, oo short sound, ar and or and consolidating tricky words learnt so far.





In maths we have been looking at basic 3D shapes and their properties (cube, cuboid, cone, cylinder and pyramid). 

Number of the week is 5 and shape of the week is cylinder.

Details of the maths 3D shape holiday challenge have gone home and we look forward to reading as many entries as possible.

This week we celebrated Chinese New Year in Reception. We looked at the story of 'The Great Race' and used this to learn about ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc).

Each class made their own Chinese dragon and had a great time parading their dragon around the school on Friday morning, making plenty of noise as they moved through nursery, past the library, into Key Stage 2 before returning via the playground. We have continued looking at information books to and other media to find out about China and the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Our Chinese restaurant roleplay areas were a roaring success and encouraged lots of independent writing.



In phonics we have introduced new sounds ai, ee, igh oa.


Mrs Wordsworth Words

We learnt the words confused, muddled, puzzled and baffled.



In maths, our number of the week was 6, whilst our shape of the week was cuboid.


Our 'Cold' topic concluded this  week with a visit from Dave Watton from the British Antarctic Survey.

We have been also been looking at non-fiction books and writing fact files this week.

In art the children have been doing observational drawings using chalk.

In PE we have been climbing as well as balancing.


We look forward to catching up with parents next Monday and Tuesday for the parents consultations.





This week our new sounds have been ch,sh,th and ng, with the tricky words being me,we,be and he.


Mrs Wordsworth Words


The children have been learning these words and what they mean








In maths we have been focusing on positional language and have been programming 'beebots'.

We have looked at 3D shapes in particular the cube, and the number of the week is 7.


In gymnastics this week we have been balancing, jumping and landing using the equipment.

On Wednesday we started the day with a lovely frosty morning walk over to the pond and wildlife area only to find that the pond was frozen!  We have continued with our fact finding this week with a focus on non fiction books.  We have also been researching using 'google'.

In art we have been doing observational drawings of arctic animals using chalk.

We were so pleased to see how many children took part in the Christmas maths challenge (29!) and we really enjoyed finding out about the different ways that children had made their collections of ten items. The children were so proud to receive their certificates and congratulations to Eloisa who won the prize for the most creative collection of ten items. She told us: "I made a bug. We found these things on a gravel path around the lake. Its got 4 legs, 2 eyes, 1 body, 1 mouth, 1 nose and a tail."




Our new sounds have been y,z,zz and qu and the tricky words have been we and me.


Mrs Wordsworth Words


The new words we have been learning the meaning of are:









In maths we have focused on numbers up to 10 again with the number of the week being 8. We have also introduced 3D shapes with a focus on shape of the week 'cube'.




This week we have continued exploring the polar regions, learning more about the environment and wildlife.

In art we have been working on building up our Antarctica pictures using different media.  Look out for these on display in the classroom.

In gymnastics we have been focusing on balancing, jumping and landing.



In maths the children have been working hard matching numeral and quantity, with a focus on numbers





In Phonics we have started on 'Letters and Sounds' Phase 3. The children have learnt 4 new sounds along with the tricky word we, j, v, w and x.


The Spring term has got off to a super start as we come to the end of our first week back after Christmas.  Children are happy and settled and our new topic 'Cold Places - The Polar Regions' is now well underway.  

We have been learning about the Polar regions and animals that live there and next week we will continue with our fact finding.

In art this week, the children have been introduced to powder paints.  They have enjoyed exploring this new medium whilst creating an Antarctica background wash.  Next week we will continue to build on this with different materials and media.

In PE we have started our gymnastics unit and the children thoroughly enjoyed our first session on balancing.

Please ensure PE kits are on pegs.