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                                                           Friday 18th December 2020


A massive well done to all the children in Reception for finishing their first term at school :-) It was lovely to be able to finish the term properly after all and return for the final 3 days. We made Christmas cards, had a Christmas Party full of yummy food and party games. We recapped numbers to 10 and phonics sounds learned so far. Most exciting of all, we had a visit from Santa, who had a break from his busy schedule when visiting us in our outdoor area on Tueday.


We are so proud of all children and every single child has made super progress. All children have coped admirably with the plethora of changes thrown at them in recent weeks and we wish you all now a well deserved, relaxing, happy and healthy Christmas!


We look forward to seeing you all back at 8.50am on Tuesday 4th January 2021. We will spend the first 4 days settling children back into school life. We will be recapping in maths and phonics and attempting to finally film our Christmas Medley before beginning our new and fresh topic, Polar Regions, the following week. We will also welcome our new Teaching Assistant, Mrs Jamieson, who will be replacing our beloved Mrs Jakes, who is moving onto new, exciting ventures in the new year.


A couple of ideas for the Christmas holidays - keep enjoying stories with your children, and don't forget to listen to your child read. A reminder again that there are a vast resource of e-books available to you for free using either of the following links:

  • Oxford Owl decodeable e-books. Sign in with own username and password:
  • 'Rising Stars' e-books:  Username:  Password: readingplanet2020


Reception Christmas Holiday Maths Challenge

This term we have learnt a new number of the week each week, finishing with number 10. To consolidate our learning for this number, this holiday we would like to challenge children to find a collection of ten items. It could be anything: pasta, sweets, buttons, bottle tops, coins, pebbles, sticks, magazine cut-outs, stickers etc. Can your child count out ten of whatever group of items they choose and put them in a clear freezer / sandwich bag, or stick them to a tens frame. If you can't print one out, feel free to make your own grid! Each child that enters the challenge will win a certificate, with a prize for the child that collects or arranges their ten items in the most imaginative way :-) In the New Year we will make a display with all the items that the children collect. Please return to school by Friday 10th January 2020. Happy counting!


We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Reception Team