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Autumn 2

This half term, we are learning about ¿Cuántos/ Cuántas?
Hay X... Son...
 regular adjectival agreement; adjectival agreement (plural) z>ces, l/s>es; El día de los muertos; to have - I have vs s/he has, he has vs she has; un / una – singular indefinite article
regular post-nominal adjective agreement (singular); plural indefinite articles unos/unas + plural noun
¿tienes / tiene? [Do you / does s/he have?] raised intonation questions
regular adjectival agreement (plural) as complement; to have - s/he has vs they have
indefinite articles un, una, unos, unas; raised intonation questions; negation with no

TENER + el/la/los/las (or no article) + plural noun + regular adjective (plural)
Physical description - some body parts

Here are some of the songs that we've used this half term: