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Autumn 2

In Autumn 2, we are learning the verb 'ser'- 'to be' and 'tener'- 'to have'. We are learning to say what I and others have. Some of the vocabulary from this half term include:

the days of the week, some items such as pen, camera, fruit, backpack, ball, telephone, friend, bicycle.

We are learning gender agreement with adjectives; how to ask questions and some Christmas vocabulary.


Ser: soy, eres, es

Tener, tengo, tienes, tiene

¿Qué día es hoy?

 lunes martes  miércoles jueves  viernes  sábado  domingo 

bolígrafo cuaderno fruta mochila  pelota teléfono  un una tiene  amigo  amiga  bicicleta  cama  gato botella estuche libro  pregunta  respuesta  sacapuntas familiar  globo silla  tarta  regalo  bonito  pequeño rojo  amarillo 


Here are some of the songs that we used, if you would like to practise them: Chocolate song