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Autumn 1

From September 2021, we are following a new scheme of Work for Spanish teaching and our topic for the first half term is: Describing me and others.

We will learn/ revisit the following phonics sounds: [a] [o] as in casa and dos, [u] as in universo,  [e] as in elefante, [i] as in idea

The following vocabulary will be our focus:

Estar, estoy, está, presente, ausente, aquí, allí, hola, estás, sí, no, en, !Buenos días! , !Buenas tardes!, cansado, contento, nervioso, serio, tranquilo, ahora, ¿cómo?, clase, curioso, lento, rápido, hoy, elegante, feliz, triste, ¿dónde?, ser. For grammar, we will learn/ revisit: to be, I am, he/ she is, raised intonation, expressing temporary state, location, asking and answering questions, learn adjective agreement.




Here are some songs from youtube for extra Spanish practice at home:



Here are some extra resources for practising Spanish at home: