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Week beginning 27th April. Farm challenge.

This weeks theme is 'Farms'. Please find below some ideas of activities you could try. The challenge this week is to make a corn on the cob. You could use bubble wrap, your fingers or you could stick on Cheerios. Can you think of a different way to do it?

Corn on the cob challenge.

Make a Scarecrow biscuit. You could also read the story 'The Scarecrows' Wedding'. If you do not have the book here is a link t the story.

Make an instrument out of junk and play and sing along to 'Old McDonald had a farm'.

Thread Cheerios onto string to make bird feeders.

Help wash the dirty animals.

Make a farmyard using different materials.

Roll the dice, count the number of spots and place the correct amount of animals in the pen.

Try making your own farm shop to play in?