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                                                                                 13th July 2020


Dear Parents/Carers


For our final fundraiser of the year we are holding a Virtual Balloon Race


A virtual race works in the same way as a helium balloon race, but they fly around their own webpage rather than in the atmosphere.  Each balloon costs £2.50 and we would love you to sell as many as possible.  Please share with your friends and family.  You can choose your own colour and even add your own message to put on the tag.


On Wednesday 22nd July 2020 all the balloons will be “released” and left to fly around the virtual island.  Every hour each balloon travels between 1km and 20km. 


At the end of the race on Monday 31st August 2020 the balloon which has travelled the farthest wins a £50 voucher, with prizes for 2nd and 3rd place.


Once the race has started you can track your balloons on our own race page


To buy your balloons please register on the link above clicking on the “Get a balloon button” on the top right of the page you can pay via PayPal, you do not need to have a PayPal account as there will be an option to pay using a credit/debit card on the PayPal page.  You do have to buy the balloons individually and then go back to our home page to purchase another.


Please register before 11.30am on July 22nd as the race will start at Midday.


Thank you for your support and good luck!


Hardwick & Cambourne



We will be back as soon as we can safely continue our fundraising.


In the mean time, we appreciate any support you are able to give via our online fundraising schemes and send best wishes to you and your families.



Stickins our school number is 35618

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If you think you can help with any events or have any ideas for fundraising please contact